Skopelos Island

Did you know that there are a total of 6000 islands in the Greek archipelago?

For several decades now they have all acted as natural magnets to holidaymakers. Why? Because the long summer days full of warm bright sunshine, and enticing shores cooled by crystal clear seas  are a guaranteed given in each and every one of them.

Maybe though you are looking for something island with that special something…?

Maybe you are looking for an island where virgin pine forests extend from one coast to the other, all the way down to the very edge of a turquoise and blue sea. Or where the main town is a maze of picturesque cobbled streets, just waiting to be explored. Could you be longing for a place where you can wander for hours along mule tracks, through an exquisite rural interior dotted with tiny cottages and chapels? Or for a destination where you can take your pick from beaches with all facilities, or coves where the only sound is the breeze in the pine branches overhead, and the soft lapping of the Aegean at your toes?

Maybe you are a foodie, whose idea of holiday heaven is a different eaterie each evening-a traditional greek family taverna one night, a garden restaurant where fusion cuisine is accompanied by award-winning wines the next?

If you are looking for any one of these, or indeed for all of the above , then you  need look no further..

This is our island..this is your special holiday island.

This is Skopelos… come and discover its many captivating beauties for yourself!

Skopelos Magnetism

It is like a dream the first time I landed in this island back in 1980! I was 15 then and my first solo summer holidays in Skopelos!

At this age I can not claim that I chose Skopelos for its beautiful nature and crystal clear seas.

I will not elaborate in what short of teenage adventures I was involved, but anyone being a teenager back then can pretty much imagine.

I can remember that after our nights out we would have breakfast in one of the cafes on Skopelos’ town waterfront with many locals and travelers from around the world. Some would play the guitar and all strangers would become a big company of friends.

One can say that I bumped into “a Skopelos”, as the meaning of Skopelos in English means reef!

From then on, I hardly missed a holiday in Skopelos and in 1992 I chose Skopelos over Athens as the base of my business. Many of the Scopelitians that I met in the 80s’ are still my friends as well as many travellers that keep coming back year after year.

We are now in our late 40s’ and most have families, bought a house in Skopelos and we can still remember the old times while drinking a coffee or sipping a glass of wine or two… under the perennial plane trees on the “paralia” (waterfront in Greek).

I call it “Skopelos Magnetism”, … a force that keeps most visitors coming back over and over again as if they have missed something that remains to be discovered in the largest of the Sporades islands. Even I, after so many years on the island, can not say that I know every little hidden cove, especially on the Northeastern coast of the island which is more wild and “unexplored” than its Southeastern coast where the more popular beaches are like Stafylos, Limnonari, Panormos, Milia, Kastani, Hovolo and many others.

Skopelos interior is another chapter all together. With its densely wooded areas of Mediterranean pine and its small hidden valleys with plum orchards, small farms and springs, it is heaven for hiking or mountain biking enthusiasts.

Throughout its long presence as the crossroad from Southern Aegean towards the Black Sea, trade flourished and as a result the island was many times raided by pirates and conquerors such as the Ottomans and the Venetians, the latter fortifying the islands main town with a strong castle, remains of which you may still see.

I could go on and on talking about the island, so I will end here by encouraging all of you to be exposed to what I call “Skopelos Magnetism” and use our dedicated portal to explore the many different options and learn more about this beautiful island.

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